Mom Myths

I asked a few moms and came up with a couple of my own. I hope to keep doing these if you guys like them. I hope this helps some questions as well.

I need to buy organic foods to feed my family healthy

The answer to this is no. However, if that Is what you choose. That is great. I personally do not buy organic, there is not nutritional benefit and it is more expensive. You 100% do not have to buy strictly organic to provide a healthy diet for your family.

I can’t season foods because that’s not healthy (aka adding salt)

No. That is not our goal for providing nutritious meals for our family. This can be a complex answer because yes we do want to limit sodium (especially in babies under a year) but that doesn’t mean that you can never give them foods with sodium. The average adult eats almost double the recommended about of sodium, so overall ALL of us should lower our sodium consumption. If you are feeding a baby under the age of one, keep in mind they get half of their sodium needs from formula or breastmilk. That leaves for about 200mg or less to be consumed from food. Some days they may not even get close to that and some days they may exceed it quite a bit. It is okay for that to happen on occasion. Overall aim for lower sodium foods when possible. Rinse canned foods, buy low sodium options, eat fresh if feasible, use low salt seasonings, herbs, or citrus juices, and remove the salt shaker from the table.

I need to buy ALL fresh ingredients

Fresh is best, then frozen, then canned. However, frozen is VERY similar to fresh and keeps for longer. The basic answer to this question is no you do not. Is better quality and lower sodium when buying fresh. Of course. Some budgets just do not allow this though and that is okay. There are ways to make it work with all incomes. As mentioned above, look for lower sodium food options, buy no salt added and be in control of what you add to the food and rinse the brine solution (salt water) off the canned items. Be mindful of some of the frozen meals, but on occasion is okay. Personally, I keep a few in my fridge for when I don’t have anything made. If I offer Eli a frozen meal or myself, I try to make the next meal lower sodium or offer some type of fresh fruit/veggie next. BALANCE

I can increase milk supply with my foods/drinks

This one is tricky. There are a few foods that could possibly help with milk production, but the studies that have been done and the results do not show a significant difference. My personal….let me make that clear…. PERSONAL… opinion on this is if you are properly hydrating and fueling your body that is the best you can do. I will say, I noticed a few times after I increased my calories especially on the weekends, I would produce just a bit more (1/2 oz-1oz.) I think this was due to not eating enough other days, especially in those early days when I didn’t get up much to get fluids or food. So, this one is tricky to answer. I never found a supplement that magically increased it. I genetically had a good supply and followed supply/demand rule. So, before you buy EXPENSIVE supplements, pull out that pump, and latch that baby, and that’s the best you can do. Some people just genetically do not produce enough or produce JUST enough. You do the best you can do if choosing this route. Keep your mind sane and supplement if needed.

I have to workout to lose weight and I don’t have time to workout

No, you don’t. Are there great benefits from exercise? Yes. Does it help speed up the process? Of course. But, you can still lose weight without exercise. Start with your eating, I can almost promise you the exercise will follow in some form.

We don’t have money for healthy food, so we might as well not even try

No worries here. A flexible budget does make it easier to offer better quality and more of a variety. That does not mean, you cannot offer nutritious foods on a tight budget. You can do it, it takes some planning, creativity, and willingness to try. I wrote a month menu for a family of four on commodities and $50 supplemental income once, and it was tough but we made it work. I am confident you can too.

My kids will never have sugar, pop, cookies/cake, candy because that is unhealthy and I would be a bad mom if I let them have it (especially in front of people)

Never. These are occasional foods, but our goal is for these foods to be viewed as just that… food. Not a food we get if we eat ALL of our dinner. Not a food we ONLY get when there is a party. Not a food that is viewed as rare and we must eat it all because we wont ever get it again. If you put so much value on these foods, they will turn into something your kids will have no control over.

Basic myths- carbs are bad

Nope. They wouldn’t be a macronutrient if they were BAD. We need carbohydrates. 30-45g/meal. (that needs to be explained in detail but just for an idea)

Fat makes you fat

Nope. Overeating any nutrient in excess will lead you to store it as fat and not utilizing extra “energy/calories” will cause you to gain weight. Not fat as a single component. Fat is the highest calorie per gram nutrient, so maybe that is where people get this idea. It needs to be in moderation as all other things consumed.

(my favorite) Taylor is a dietitian, she doesn’t give her kid anything unhealthy and judges all moms who do

Absolutely not true at all. Eli eats a variety of foods. He eats basically what I eat every day. I offer him whole food, Instagram worthy meal, packaged food, regular meals, weird meals, frozen food, nutrient dense meals, high calorie meals, high sugar meals, and all other labelled meals you might have. Just this weekend we ate out three times and I know he got well over his sodium intake at all three of those single meals. It is life and it happened. Majority of the time we follow my easy rule. Pick a protein, carb, and veggie at meals. We also try to limit eating out to 1-2x a week at max. I try my best and limit sugar when possible but also do not restrict any nutrient from him. We are human and I would NEVER judge you for what you feed your kid. EVER. That is not my goal in educating. Nutrition is my heart. Helping others with nutrition is my career. I think some people confuse my offering of nutrition advice as judgmental mom advice and that is not the case. You don’t take your kid to the doctor only to say the doctor is judging you for exposing your kid to germs/bacteria. Just like I don’t accuse you of feeding your kids wrong. I am trying to help families. I am trying to show people that healthy eating does not have to be expensive and overwhelming. I will and can be your biggest fan if you will let me be.

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